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Hilary Duff Shares Teen Make Up Tips and Skin Care Musts!

Hilary Duff Shares Teen Make Up Tips and Skin Care Musts!



21 Beauty Secrets Every Teen Should Know-  Recommended by René Audria, The Beauty Expert

No, I’m not! I’m not a tomboy! I love makeup! That’s not true! I’m not a tomboy!”

–Hilary Duff, Academy Award –winning actress.



It is important to have and maintain a good skin care regimen even as a teen

  1. It is important to use products that are not too strong as they can unexpectedly cause skin irritation
  2. Cleanse and Moisturize Day and Night
  3. Never sleep in makeup- no exceptions
  4. Keep makeup wipes near for tired nights
  5. Exfoliate if you have dry and flakey skin
  6. If you have very sensitive skin, only use a facial scrub in dry areas as needed.  Be careful not to use a scrub that irritates the skin.  A gentle scrub may work best; depending on the skin type
  7. If lip gloss is worn a lot, exfoliate lips with a scrub as a lip gloss can dry out lips more so than wearing lipstick
  8. Wearing a lip conditioner can help with lip moisture
  9. Wear a sun screen whenever in the sun
  10. If makeup is worn on a daily basis, choose a light makeup such as a loose or pressed powder to be applied lightly with a large powder brush
  11. Use a translucent blotting powder for touch ups throughout the day
  12. Wearing too much makeup is not attractive
  13. Experiment with sheer & nude shades to discover what neutral shades work best for the skin tone-Neutral pink, Neutral Coral, Neutral Vanilla
  14. Be aware of mascara and eyeliners that bleed.  Makeup should always be neat instead of messy
  15. Choose blush tones that are not overpowering
  16. Do not share makeup with anyone- no exceptions
  17. Always keep nails and feet cleaned and well manicured.  Chipped nail polish in not attractive
  18. Change pillowcase often as hair products and germs can get into the fabric of a pillowcase. This can cause break-outs and pimples on the face
  19. Understand the difference between day makeup & evening makeup (i.e. glitter eye shadows are not suitable for the classroom, but will look gorgeous for prom and school dances

Many things such as hormones, makeup, bad diet, or allergies can cause acne.  If acne occurs, don’t ignore it.  See a dermatologist immediately.

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