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Best Brows

Best Brows

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For Perfect  brows…

You will need a Spoolie, Angle brush, Eyebrow powder, Eyebrow pencil, Highlighter, clear Eyebrow gel to set.

1. Use a soft brow pencil with a slightly powdery texture (  too creamy and it will smudge). It should be at least two shades lighter than your haircolor—unless you have white or very blonde hair. In that case, choose a pencil two shades darker than your hair.  Taupe Blonde or Light Brown. If you have very dark skin and  dark hair, you can use a rich chocolate brown pencil—but avoid black as it is stark and unnatural.

2. Once you are finished applying brow pencil, go over using a powder matching the pencil. Apply the powder using a small angle brush.  With a light, short strokes apply powder in the way the hair grows creates a natural fuller affect.
3. Using a Spoolie, brush hairs back in place.
4. Swipe Eyebrow gel over hair to keep them in place and then apply highlighter to eyebrow bone to give an instant brow lift (Anastasia brow Highlighter is a fabulous
 tone and consistency)
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