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Dry Hair vs. Damaged Hair

Dry and damaged hair. damaged hair repairDry and damaged hair. damaged hair repairDry Hair vs. Damaged Hair

Damaged hair often occurs if you frequently apply strong chemical treatments to your hair (including keratin treatments, relaxers, and bleach). A telltale sign is if your ends look dull, your hair feels brittle, and it doesn’t absorb hair color well. Dry hair often looks and feels frizzy and usually host many split ends.  Dry  0r brittle hair can be caused by frequent use of heated styling tools, not using a quality moisturizing conditioner, repetitive color treatments, and direct overexposure to the sun.  Inferior shampoo and ‘coating’ moisturizers are often contributing culprits, as well.

Restore & Repair 

Moisturize: Moisturizing your hair will fight dryness and give your hair a healthier, hydrated feeling. Rene recommends “pure, natural oils”  to help lock in moisture.

Trim: If your split ends are giving you a splitting headache, the only solution is a trim. Regardless of the length you’d like your hair, you will want it healthy.  Trimming regularly is recommended because “split ends can actually travel up the rest of your hair and break off.

Turn Down the Heat: Reduce further damage by minimizing your use of heated styling tools. If you can’t part with your flat or curling iron, be sure to use the lowest heat setting and apply a heat-protectant beforehand.

Healthy Hair Diet: Eating the right vitamins and minerals can help grow stronger hair! Foods that promote healthy hair growth are full of vitamins B6 and B12, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and iron.  Amino Acid supplements help as well.

Hair Mask: Estelle suggests applying a deep conditioning hair mask. Those that are ultra-hydrating will seal in moisture to help restore and repair brittle, dry hair. Perfect to get your hair sleek and in shape for fall!

Quality Hair Color: If you’re going to color your hair, make sure it’s a high quality pigment with included conditioning agents to help promote healthy hair.

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