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Artistry of Hair, Make Up, Color

Have brushes… Will travel

Have brushes… Will travel



I really enjoy my on site operations. Though scheduling ahead is  prudent, I’m always packed and  ready to go.  I style hair and apply make up for weddings, movie sets, magazine and agency shoots, fashion shows, portraits/ head shots and more.

I carry all my make up and clean hair brushes in my bags of tricks.   I’m ready to narrow noses and brighten eyes, make lips fuller or tone them down.  When hiring a make up artist or hair stylist for an event, you’ve got one shot, so you obviously want someone who is dependable and understands  the importance of their role in that they are not the star….they are only there to  make their subject shine!  So take care in selecting your artist; you want a professional who can take direction from brides, clients, photographers, stylists and set directors without ego.

I use only the finest materials and work with a strong team should  the occasion call for it.

I go where you need me, prepared for whatever you need me to do.

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